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quote make sure. the nsa, not just the u.s. this is a global issue. there are setting fire to the future of the internet. the people who are in this room now. >> at lord snowdon they're talking about the tech responds
quote >>> still ahead for us tonight, a leap from the top captured on camera. but it also shows a major security breach that's raising some major questions. >>> and later, into the wild. an unbelievable rescue mission underway in california.
quote that he ace massing them to use against our friends, against our allies and against us. >> the united states knows about iraq's weapons of mass destruction as well as iraq's involvement in terrorism, which is also the subject of resolution 1441 and other earlier resolutions. >> the problem here is that there will always be some uncertainty about how quickly he
quote moooiiink. >> the queen's gambit were on display in san francisco today. names of chess moves used by more than 300 kids scholastic chess championship. the goal was to get kids more interested in chess. some of these we talked to had their first moves planned out. >> i move the knight. it can jump over pieces. >> i use any knights and pawns and my queen. >> the opening move is usually
quote . >> the nsa, this sort of global mass surveillance that's occurring in all of these countries, not just the u.s., and important to remember this is a global issue. they are setting fire to the future of the internet and the people who are in this room now, you guys are all the firefighters. and we need you to help us fix this. >> nbc's sara dollof has more
quote and that terrorist, known terrorist to us, calls the united states, then that would be the r.a.s. test that we would need in order to get the warrant to the phone company -- get the information. what's more important and what's so important in our country, which makes our country so strong, checks and balances, is the court will be involved in the process. in the pre-process they will be involved with overseeing the procedures that we use. in the post, though, the courts
quote under at we will ban section 215 is the use of fisa to collect bulk electronic communication records, email, metadata and internet metada tark the use of fisa to collect bulk sensitive records, library records, firearm sales records, tax records, etc. and we can go into more detail in the questions period. but that is a primary concern of both the average americans who were concerned about the government holding large quantities of phone metadata. again, no content, no names. but just the metadata. we think again we've found a way to do that. and we can explain it later. i want to allow my ranking member to have -- make a few
over the names of those who used the bank at a -- to alem ledgedly avoid paying taxes. >> good morning. the meeting will come to order. the american public is angry about offshore tax abuse and efforts by americans to evade their tax obligations by hiding money offshore. today's hearing follows up on a meeting this subcommittee held in 2008 when we presented evidence that well-known banks were deliberately helping united states clients cheat on their taxes by opening offshore counts never reported to the irs despite united states law requiring their disclosure. the hearing focused in part on ubs, the largest bank in switzerland that had 52, 000 customers and $18 million in assets. and sent swiss bankers on u.s. soil to assist them. they acknowledged what they were up to and committed to stop: they signed a deferred prosecution agreement and agreeed to close them and turned over 250 names. and the proceeding that took another year, they cuffed up more accounts for a total of 4700 accounts. ubs' action sent a signal that cheats better pay up or face prosecution. thousands of people with
notified by the planning department that they had issued the department in error and were requiring us to go through the conditional use permit. we're objecting on both ground for the following reasons. first hf made all dis/kwhroerb disclosures engaged contractors and began construction. the department is stopped from halting construction and required a cua when a previously authorized permit and halting construction would damage hf financially. secondly the pharmacy that we intends to build on the site is less than 2000 square feet and thus, conditional use authorization we feel should not be required. thirdly, neither hf's proposed clinic or pharmacy are formula retail. they're all unique in appearance, carry different merchandise and does not therefore meet the criteria for formula retail. moving on, we've already invested over $200,000 by paying the contractor and we're required to pay another $150,000 at the end of the month. that doesn't include the cost to bring them back out and finish the project when we go through the conditional use process. our first ground for the appeal
quote of cannabis. people are literally dying in the streets using these because they don't know how much to take. >> screaming. >> help me. >> officer bates showed us how easy it was to buy an illegal drug online. amt was shipped directly to his home and came labeled as a workout supplement on the customs receipt. >> you did send this to the lab and it was what it claimed to be. >> one gram of a very powerful hallucknow gener hallucinogen. >> rti, one of the few labs in the country capable of researching synthetic drugs almost as fast as they appear.
quote constitutional implications of the c.i.a.'s actions. based on what director brennan has informed us, i have grave concerns that the c.i.a.'s search may well have violated the separation of powers principles embodied in the united states constitution, including the speech and debate clause. it may have undermined the constitutional framework essential to effective congressional oversight of intelligence activities or any other government function. i have asked for an apology, and a recognition that this c.i.a. search of computers used by its oversight committee was inappropriate. i have received neither. besides the constitutional implications, the c.i.a. search may also have violated the fourth amendment, the computer
quote : cummings and others argue that, like it or not, we live in a surveillance society. and that using a drone for pictures is no different than using high-powered binoculars or telephoto lenses. others aren't so sure. >> diane feinstein: the privacy concerns are very, very major. >> safer: diane feinstein is chairman of the senate intelligence committee, which oversees spying at home and abroad. she's a defender of the n.s.a.'s controversial telephone tracking, but is troubled by the proliferation of drones over america. >> feinstein: this is a whole
knew you were eye. i know the us. eye the eye. during the holiday season. watching hot spring at the foot of kalimantan. she and bustling with activity the us and its good news for you. stage two watching spree. he tells the story. it's the emperor to use him in his imperial consort young. we can strum everlasting regret is performed with the story actually took place and includes a singing dancing style. i was combing the height of improved shooting his own doing. long he put it on. will you call come to the yukon gold glitter. we can only call each of the cold cold. you call all critical to your car heidi. read on and she enjoyed her. you should. many emperors to l jones has been a patron of the arts. if you excel at music. emperor shootings along said to have created the famous rainbow spirit and for the tuesday he was especially fond of exotic dancing. in pollution is famous as the general who later rebelled against the tang dynasty. the one emperor to use them straight through his talent performing the exotic whirling dance. it has introduced a tree was lit from the weste
, fault lines is next. >> it's christmas eve, and us soldiers are preparing for their last months in afghanistan. about forty thousand are still here - by the end of the year, there'll be just eight thousand. we traveled to afghanistan in the midst of this transition. but on the base we found a story that isn't being told. the people doing the day-to-day work here are mostly civilian contract workers - men from india and nepal, who traveled to a war zone just for the promise of a good job. for many of them, that promise turned out to be a lie. they ended up deceived and indebted, victims of human traffickers who thrive on military contracts. fault lines examines the lives of these workers - and investigates how the american military has come to rely on an indentured workforce. camp marmal is the largest base in northern afghanistan. nato's mission here centers on training the afghan national army. >> the complexity, when we first got here i started thinking about it. it almost becomes overwhelming. >> this is the us regional garrison commander, responsible for daily operations in
quote from california, senator feinstein, has spoken to our conscience, to every one of us, 100 senators, men and women, both parties. she has spoken to our conscience now let's stand up for this country. let's stand up as united states senators should and as the senator from california has. i yield the floor and suggest the absence of a quorum. the presiding officer: the clerk will call the roll.
quote the troubling fact that the c.i.a. had destroyed videotapes of some of the c.i.a.'s first interrogations using so-called enhanced techniques. we learned that this destruction was over the objections of president bush's white house counsel and the director of national intelligence. after we read -- excuse me, read about the tapes of destruction in the newspapers, director hayden briefed the
quote sure. the nsa, not just the u.s. this
quote .i.a. computers to obtain these documents, as has been suggested in the press. the documents were identified using the search tool provided by the c.i.a. to search the documents provided to the committee. we have no way to determine who made the internal panetta review
happen in land use terms because i don't want to put another barrier for development for health care facilities might be beneficial to the city or to many people who are needing health care services. and in particular there was some talk about the obviously having a cultural diverse facility, but how specific would it be? would you be telling institutions that they have to have bilingual staff. i want to know how much teeth is in it. >> thank you for your comments commissioner antonini. the way ween -- envision is for three possible outcomes. the first is incentives, culturally competent care and serving vulnerable patience. it doesn't mean it's not consistent. if it locates in a place that has sufficient services that is not intended to serve a high needs population, it wouldn't ju be eligible for this model. it's skill consistent. projects that harm health or health care access in san francisco are those that would be deemed inconsistent. consistent applications move forward in the normal incentive in the mormal planning process. it's the ones recommended for incentives is what g
't do it on the inside and they gave us the count down date and it kept raining and raining and i said let's do that on my mothers birthday and they don't know that woman she's got a relationship with the lord. under the circumstances the sun will be shining on her oldest boy on the dated when you do the bridge (clapping) and so credit my mother with the sunshine. and clarence were up correct to ask that question because when alice finally, called me they did this in secret he didn't want me to be involved taught u at all for fear i'd cause it to fall. they were keeping it out of my sight completely until some reporter named a journalist called me up and asked how did you organize straight this bridge for being named after you. i said what are you talking about he said they're talking about naming the by a bridge after you. and i said that is to the o not possible i'm two controversial and i'm alive (laughter) and, of course, they said well they are. i called eleanor and said eleanor find out what's happening with the bridge naming and she got back to me and i called alice and alice hu
and counselors have said they find the day from from emissions exams useful, but they are concerned that these exams have become disconnected from the work of high schools. and surrounded by costly test preparation. >> it is not the first time the board has changed the test after complaints from centers of higher education. a 2005 revision of the s.a.t. wasn't well received and many colleges dropped test requirements and admissions. now the college board agrees the s.a.t. must better reflect the aptitude it says it measures. as many as a million 1/2 students take the s.a.t. around the country each year, students taking the redesigned test in 2016, will find it returns to the 1600 score scale, nine years ago a top score became 2400 points. the essay portion will now be optional added in 2005, essays will be optional for colleges to consider as well. gone will be obscure vocabulary words like fung till yous. and test takers won't be penalized any more for guessing in multiple choice questions. >> i am sweating right now. >> you are fine, go ahead. >> the sat will become more like it's
the us. h st kitts was in it for the day. cos breaking news top twenty. so much. he adores to play. stocks. while good news. twenty five years in jail for genocide for her rwandan army captain has got to be bought at a sentence in a french court room for his role in the mass killings that left eight hundred thousand dead almost twenty years ago. it's max's first ever genocide conviction the dips in state media reporting on men opened fire at police station outside ireland to grow. i'm a neighborhood meeting five soldiers dead. the attack comes two days after gunmen attacked a military but also in cairo killing one soldier the sad anniversary for the serious conflicts three years ago the war began as a series of peaceful protests now one hundred thirty six thousand people have been killed according to the london based syrian observatory for human rights and millions have been displaced both inside and outside the country. it says executive director liz visited the refugee camp and let the dogs at the valley for the heart of things unsaid. the children. number of childbirth that shoo
for the annexation of crimea. then, the u.s. treasury says regulation will support virtual currencies. elon musk takes advantage of u.s. dependence on russian rocket engines. to our viewers here in united states and those of you joining us from around the world, welcome. we have full coverage of the stocks and stories making headlines today. musk'sng details elon hall for the u.s. to reduce dependence on russia in the space program. peter cook, with the latest on russia joining -- on crimea joining the russian federation. busy 24 hours. we had the crisis escalating today when the russian president, after that big speech in front of the parliament in moscow, basically officially absorbing crimea into russia, with a signature on a document. you had western nations condemning that russian action, and promising to respond by stepping up sanctions. they warning the crisis is entering a new, more dangerous phase of live ammunition. the greenlight for that in ukraine. president putin effectively bringing crimea back into the russian fold. kremlinally televised speech where putin defended russia's actio
to was that of the city. the us presidency that with leaders from korea and japan. search teams looking for the missing malaysia airlines plane how the community. over a hundred potential objects up and spoke to the french sauce light images covering the sith indian ocean. there between the one me set at twenty three meters in length investigators cannot tell what other possible patriots from the missing plane. but the new leaves will help direct the search operation in france. every new release sent back images showing that they need the two ministries we're endeavoring to grow trying to find. you know anything or your families it's exactly what happened she said. the dutch the case over two thousand kilometers off the coast of her the transport minister said it's imperative to link the possible debris to the missing flights. this will help further reduce the search area. i look at mort a break from the plane meanwhile two chinese ships are together looking for two major placing odds of a small supply aircraft searching for the missing objects australia which is leading the search efforts. divide into
. that is a really big draw. >> this is a signature piece. this is the bill largest darkroom in the u.s.. >> there are a lot of people that want to get into that dark room. >> i think it is the heart of this place. you feel it when you come in. >> the people who just started taking pictures, so this is really an intersection for many generations of photographers and this is a great place to learn because if you need people from different areas and also everyone who works here is working in photography. >> we get to build the community here. this is different. first of all, this is a great location. it is in a less-populated area. >> of lot of people come here just so that they can participate in this program. it is a great opportunity for people who have a little bit of photographic experience. the people have a lot, they can really come together and share a love and a passion. >> we offer everything from traditional black and white darkrooms to learning how to process your first roll of film. we offer classes and workshops in digital camera, digital printing. we offer classes basically
use everyday. those products include water bottles, baby bottles, and food storage containers. we can see how available information can be confusing and how difficult it could be for consumers to tell what is really say. >> are any plastics safe? that is an exposÉ by mother jones, looking how the chemical industry is using big tobacco-style campaigning to bury the disturbing evidence about the products you use everyday. scientists are now revealing that bpa-free products may be just as dangerous. then we go to the middle east to speak with code pink founder medea benjamin. she was just reported to turkey from egypt where she was to tame and held overnight. andhey came in the morning five scary looking man said, come with us. they did not tell me where. then they threw me down on the floor, got on my back, grabbed my arms, hands cupped so tight that my arms came out of its socket. >> all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. states has suspended all military ties with russia and preparing possible sanctions on
't unplug your television set. i'm del walters, check us out online. >> it is a write of passage of teens. the s.a.t. is getting a makeover. grab your pencil and the best title would be a, "inside story." >> hello, i'm ray suarez and the idea of the s.a.t. is shifting under the feet of the teenagers, only the college bound were encouraged to take it. it was an important sorting tool in the scramble for the seats in the competitive schools but not that important if you are graduating with academic die employee ma and headed to the state university and now the board tining erred with it. a writing section was added and the test scored on a basis of 2400 points rather than 1600. more high schoolers were encouraged to see themselves as college bound and encouraged to take the test and kids advised to take it a number of times, starting younger, while the industry industry grew up prep r for the exam. the s.a.t. is making a change. if you are going to have a high school student in your life, these changes are headed your way. >> we believe that assessment must be a force for equity and excelle
to a conversation with actors dule hill and james roday. we are glad you can join us. those conversations are coming up right now. ♪ >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> with russia grabbing crimea and western leaders traveling to determine how to respond, international policy once again comes into focus. at theector on strategy brookings institution has written a timely new text that looks into america's role as a coalition builder entitled "still ours to leave." jones also holds major appointments at stanford and in why you. good to have you on this program. what a timely text this is indeed. the conversation too much, your thoughts on what we see happening in crimea. >> this is a critical test for american leadership and for the west. you use a key phase about coalition building. there are certain things the united states can do by themselves about crimea, but it's in a much stronger position if we can galvanize the western alliance, if we can galvanize the europeans and keep the chinese and indian from into support of of russia in this context. tavis
is when the statute uses the term targeting a person overseas, targeting that selector qualifies under the statute for targeting non-u.s. person overseas so it doesn't have to be targeting to or from but can target communication about that particular selector. >> the meeting of target earlier where you are focusing on an account and now you are discussing targeting discussion about that account to >> that is that selector. >> is always focused on that account. the key is the misperceptions some may have that -- about collection, somehow about a keyword or persons that may be behind that account but all collection, section 702 whether it is upstream, a balance which is a subset of upstream or prism, based on the selectors of issue. >> my time is expired. >> following your own rules. just a follow-up on that, a good lighting query to make sure everyone understands, so you are saying if someone is e-mailing about rachel brand or explosives, that would not be a permissible about query under your explanation? >> i would like -- >> you could perhaps get it about rachel brand -- >> this is an
quote stephen! >> stephen: welcome to the report, ladies and gentlemen, good to have you with us on
quote available to the staff at the offsite facility and it was located using a c.i.a.-provided search tool, running a query of the information provided to the committee pursuant to its investigation. director brennan stated that the c.i.a.'s search had determined that the committee staff had
quote to thwart this report's progression release. as i said in my remarks. we want this behind us. we know the committee has invested a lot of time, money and effort into this report. and they are determined to put it forward. we have engaged with them extensively over the last year. we had officers sit down with them and go over the report and point out where we believe there are factual errors or errors in judgment or assessments. we are not trying to prevent its release. as far as the allegations of c.i.a. hacking into senate
quote streaming online now. snowden appeared before a background of the u.s. constitution and spoke about the need for accountability for government agencies doing this mass surveillance. he also discussed the need for
quote harsh than the way the c.i.a. had described them to us. as a result of the staff's initial report, i proposed and then vice chairman bond agreed and the committee overwhelmingly approved that the committee conduct an expansive and full review of the c.i.a.'s detention and interrogation program. on march 5, 2009, the committee voted 14-1 to initiate a comprehensive review of the c.i.a. detention and interrogation program. immediately we sent a request for documents to all relevant
for everyone joining us here in person and all of the community that is listening to us over the air waves, a couple of thoughts for this evening, that the monk institute of jazz, has chosen san francisco unified school district as one of the five to receive a free jazz educational workshop series and presentation sponsored by the national, endowment for the arts and it will take place at three high schools. burton high, is known for his jazz band and will be introduced for the national peer to peer jazz, program, and it will be presented by six of the countries music students along with the recording artist. and the kansas city, jazz and blues vocalist, lisa henry and so congratulations to the students for this honor. i also wanted to annoys that the students who have a 3.0 or higher will be celebrated at the school district's annual african american honor roll event where i will be congratulating the students with the success as long with the board of education fewer, and our vice president, dr. emily murase and commissioners. breed and cohen will also be commenteding the students, and r
the admissions useful but concerned that the exams are disconnected from the work in high schools and surrounded by the coastly test preparation. >> it is not the first time the board changed the test after complaints from the center of higher education. many colleges dropped test requirements in admissions and now the college board agrees that the s.a.t. must better reflect the aptitude. as many as a million and a half students take the s.a.t. every year and students taking the test in 2016 finds it is returning to the 1600 score. the essay portion optional and added in 2005. gone will be obscure vo cabulary words and the test takers that guess are not going to be penalized. it is becoming more like the rival the act and more students took the act and 13 states administer is act test to high school juniors and the majority of colleges require an exam for admission and now many of the schools have test options and mutting less emphasis on the testing. many students find that the tests are stressful and spending time and money preparing for the single test. test prep courses rake in as much as 4
talks. what if the two sides will reach an amicable agreement remains to be seen. stay tuned. i can use for it. march eleven south korea and canada finally reached an agreement on a bilateral free trade pact. i begun to teach these new presidential office corresponding to use so i brought a slight coverage they need us to stop so i doubt that now in two years that i will remove tariffs on on about it which is korea's number one export items to canada. restrictions on importing have the cultural and lifestyle products will also be. negotiations for the free trade deal between korea and canada have been ongoing for almost a dead heat. we got the details of the deal when you sense report. the bodies were ministers of south korea and japan. that deal for face to face talks this week in seoul they were the first high level ministerial talks since japanese prime minister shinzo while these visit to the controversial yasukuni war shrine. and as it was made possible on japan's request. everyone was curious as to how the talks would unfold. our foreign ministry correspondent on sunday brought us
sanctions to were imposed to. by u.s., and europe. listen to president obama speak of these sanctions as though they were penalty against putin and russia for the invasion of crimea. >> we're imposing sanctions to specific individuals responsible for undermineing sovereignty, serer toal integrity -- territoryial integrity. making it clear there are consequences for their actions. >> reporter: consequences. 11 russia and ukrainian officials were targeted with sanctions, but many of the people that were targeted laughed off the tepid, measures saying they have no overseas assets that would be affected. it appears only one taking such sanctions, seriously is president obama himself. and then most like lionsly for benefit of -- likely, only for benefit of cameras and microphones. in fact, dow today surgeed 182 points, and snaped a five-day closeing streak. global rally was as much a resounding cheer for putin, as anything else. putin has just rubbed noses of merkel, and obama, in it. suggestions it is time to close this chapter in u.s. russian relations and perhaps begin a new. perhaps, a
would it serve anybody. and what more information are they using? how do they use it and what for? >> those are questions that a lot of people are asking, including privacy experts, who fear that it crosses more than ethical boundaries. data brokers say that it's a lifestyle. >> i think that consumers understand that we all live data driven lives today. our economy is data driven and our days are data driven, and information is constantly flowing in all sorts of different directions, and what we're doing here is making sure that it flows in responsible directions for responsible uses. >> companies and organizations spend more than $2 billion every year buying your information from these brokers, so what lists are you on, and what guarantees do you have that people controlling the lists are acting responsibly? here to explain this web of information is larry bounce, big bank destruction, and joining us, pam dixon, the executive director of world privacy forum, and her group helps people protect themselves and a data aggregation firm. thank you for joining us. pam, a lot of america
on the topic of the conversion to the office use because i have just gun to start my career in the design industry and i see this as an incredibly valuable resource for current and future designers and i feel that it would be damaging to remove that accessibility for incoming designers to learn more about their craft and to have contact with business people such as these in that space, which is currently very nice and is a historic spot, but the current business is important and future business as well. so i oppose the office allocation portion of this. >> thank you. any other member of the public wish /o speak. seeing none, we'll close public comment and bring back to commission. commissioner pearlman. >> thanks very much everybody for your presentation. i was the one who brought up the whole issue about losing the design showroom space and i didn't know mr. dixon, thank you for the information, if that's true about the 101 henry adams being 90 or 95 percent occupied, it leaves -- you know, this is my concern is that these businesses will no longer be able to operate in san francisco bec
in the u.s. treasuries chld yields on ten year notes, that is the interest rate, and risen yesterday. that is not a lot but in the world of bonds it is big, the part that matters is the yield, the interest rate on the ten year note that determines the mortgage rate. not what the feds decide, sometimes the ten year note marches to its own tune and when it does, it could cost you more. today on twitter and facebook i have been asking you high interest rates for the saves or lower rates on the loans. bryan tweets... christopher says... tell me what you think by tweeting me. or leave us a comment on facebook. okay. ma will debate what effect if any that the rising rates have on the american growth and one worried about the ripple effects of the slow down in china and the affects on the world and the united states. he served of the monetary fund. he's coauthored a book this time is different, 8 centuries offaling and professor at harvard and sitting on the economic advisory council in the federal reserve bank in new york. we got this news of, something of a slow down in china and we have
funding for this program is provided by annenberg media. narrator: agriculture provides us with the food we need to survive. to keep pace with an ever-growing population, scientists created new seed varieties that provided outstanding yields but also required increased inputs -- more fertilizer and more pesticides -- but at what cost to the environment? peter kenmore of the united nations food and agriculture organization has been working with farmers for 30 years to decrease the use of pesticides in rice production. dr. kenmore: we have been able basically to substitute brains for chemicals. and in that sense, the growth rate stays up but less chemicals are used. narrator: in the yaqui valley of mexico, researchers are finding that excess fertilizer runoff from wheat crops is affecting marine life in the gulf of california. so they are turning to technology to decrease fertilizer inputs without decreasing yields. dr. ortiz-monasterio: technology like this can result in a win-win situation, where the farmer benefits and at the same time the environment benefits. narrator: b
of the panelists. are you confident that if the eu and the u.s. failed to take effective measures, will china be encouraged to do the same thing in its neighborhood? and secondly, [indiscernible] other the u.s. balance-rebalance will the u.s. balance-rebalance suffer? >> if i heard it all, i will start out. i think the chinese sympathies probably lag more with the russians. but i do not think they're going to enter, because they are [indiscernible] on the issue of territories being shifted around, for example, to that. i don't think you'll find the chinese standing up and shouting for the russians. >> anyone else? roger? >> in terms of the second part of the question, it is hard to understand exactly what pivot to asia meant. it was a phrase and it has floated out there and there have been meetings about it. it is not altogether clear, to me, at least, what it has meant. but i think what president putin has presented the west with is a strong case for looking again at the transatlantic alliance, looking again at the defense budget, looking again at the fact that the european neighborhood is n
with our u.s. tax laws and when we talk about u.s. customers, 18,900 of those accounts that closed in today there are about 3500 that have been determined are in compliance. are those numbers correct? >> those numbers are correct as of today but i would like to add that in total we have reviewed tax compliance some 6678 of which about half, 3000 have been closed and 3000 the number you have just mentioned are still with us. >> so what is the total number of accounts that we no longer have of the 22,000? >> the 18,000 number you mentioned. and if i may add mr. chairman, we had a large population of u.s. resident clients. i would say 11,000 i believe that had account balances below 1 million dollars under asset management and they were not even given the option to stay because to move to one of our fully u.s. license broker dealers you needed $1 million is the minimum balance. 18,000 of these did not have the opportunity to prove tax compliance. >> mr. cerutti your u.s. policy required that swiss accounts open for u.s. residents be concentrated in a single swiss office we talked about the sla
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